19-Sep-2018Dearborn, MI+23 milesItems Wanted
Were a family of 5 and due to domestic violence we had to leave everything behind to start over. Its me (mother) and my kids. We are in need of literally everything. Dishes, bedding, a crib, hygiene items, stove, fridge, and clothing. Clothing sizes are as follows: Women's 3X shirts and pants, size 22/24 jeans Shoe size-9 1/2-10 Men's sizes XL and 2X shirts, 36x32 pants, Shoe sizes 9 1/2 and 10...
19-Sep-2018Belleville, MI+11 milesItems Wanted
Needed help with Christmas for 5 of my kids. Im disable and just dont have it.I need twin side beds for boys
19-Sep-2018Belleville, MI+11 milesItems Wanted
Decent couch please
19-Sep-2018Belleville, MI+11 milesItems Wanted
Hello I am in search of shingles for our dog run. If you have any left over from a project or any you are willing to part with, we would appreciate it Thanks
19-Sep-2018Allen Park, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
Shower chair,chair toilet, wheel chair ramp, 4peg cane, i'm in need of any equipment to assist with a paralyzed person My mom has just moved from a rehabilitation center to my home
19-Sep-2018Allen Park, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
Hello, we have several volunteers who will be sprucing up the outside of the Downriver Council for the Arts building in wyandotte. It is a local nonprofit that offers community art classes, call for entries, art exhibits, yoga, dancing, concerts, and more! If you have ANY garden plants, compost, yard bags, buckets gardening gloves, stones, edging/borders ect. That you would like to donate we wo...
30-Aug-2018Dearborn, MI+23 milesItems Wanted
ISO - a vanity and stool. Maybe it was once loved and now unused. Can you part with it for a new life with a new family. My girls and I are up for an opportunity to redo a small project together. Thanks!!
29-Aug-2018Ypsilanti, MI+19 milesItems Wanted
I'm about to get my newborn granddaughter I need help with anything for a newborn baby girl anything will be a help to me thank you
27-Aug-2018Southgate, MI+17 milesItems Wanted
need heavy boxes to move mother in law Not her, just her stuff! bubble wrap too
27-Aug-2018Taylor, MI+15 milesItems Wanted
looking for strong boxes for moving also need bubble wrap
27-Aug-2018Taylor, MI+15 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for old small USB (thumb) drives for experiments. They will need to be about 2 GB minimum. Thank you.
24-Aug-2018Ypsilanti, MI+19 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a gas-free mower. Our previous gas-powered model has breathed its last.
23-Aug-2018Ypsilanti, MI+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a dog bed that had a cover that is removable, so I can wash it occasionally when it gets dirty. Thank you for your consideration.
14-Aug-2018Dearborn, MI+23 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I just moved into a new house and the flower beds are empty! I'm hoping to get some pollinator friendly plants in before fall so that they will be ready to come up next spring. Interested in everything, but would really love some coneflowers or jupiter's beard if anyone has some!
14-Aug-2018Dearborn, MI+23 milesItems Wanted
Looking for clothes for my siblings. Twin girls ages 10 & two boys ages 11 & 6. I can get their sizes if anyone can help
12-Aug-2018Dearborn, MI+23 milesItems Wanted
Looking for mature white snowball Hydrangea. I can dig if you prefer
10-Aug-2018Dearborn, MI+23 milesItems Wanted
4 ft or higher please.
8-Aug-2018Belleville, MI+11 milesItems Wanted
Im seeking any soap and candle making supplies. If anyone has any just sitting around not using them I would love to pick them up! I am trying to make this my new hobby, I have lupus and dont get out of the house very often, the reason behind me wanting to make my own soaps and candles is my daughter has asthma and my son has really bad eczema and skin issues. so I dont want them inhalling toxi...
5-Aug-2018Dearborn, MI+23 milesItems Wanted
In need of a metal king bed frame, specifically one that has the extra support bar down the middle. Can pick up after 2pm any day. Thanks!
3-Aug-2018Dearborn, MI+23 milesItems Wanted
My rice cooker died, and we use it religiously...if anyone has one up for grabs, we would greatly appreciate it!
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