6 hours agoWayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
Hi. I m looking for perhaps freezer burned meat. Maybe you plan on cleaning out the freezer soon.... if you are and have some old meat, I will gladly take it off your hands. Thanks.
23-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for very large nursery containers (20 gallon pots made of plastic). The diameter is about 20 inches. Porch pickup would be great.
22-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for some milk crates in good condition please and thank you!
19-May-2018Dearborn, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
Does anyone have a full sized bed frame that they don't want. I'd like to use this as a make shift raised bed for my watermelon plants. Thank you,
17-May-2018Belleville, MI(11 miles)Items Wanted
It would be real nice if people would remove old posts. It would also be very nice if you put an item up for grabs that you actually get a hold of the person wanting it. The last 4 times i have tried to get items from here i have been stood up. That just isnt cool on a forum like this. It is very disappointing.
17-May-2018Dearborn, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
A Nice lady offered Rhubarb, this year I was hoping she or anyone who had rhubarb would allow me to take a root or two to plant in my yard. syberry3009@gmail.com thanks
15-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
Organizing a children's fairy tea party to raise funds for the local non-profit cat rescue -- http://faerietales.org/. Need a number of things for the event: ~ Fancy tea cups with saucers ~ Metallic charger plates in spring colors (pink, turquoise, purple) ~ Mad Hatter adult men's costume and wig, size large or XL (Disney version) ~ Lawn signs or metal stakes for lawn signs ~ Garden arch or tre...
15-May-2018Van Buren Twp, MI(11 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, I am looking for baby girls clothes 0-6mo. I have five kids and we thought we were done so I ended up giving away my baby clothes and now I'm due August 21st. We are on a very tight budget being such a big family, any help would be greatly appreciated.
15-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, I just signed on a new home and I have nothing as I am starting over from a bad relationship. My children and I could use dishes, silverware, pots and pans, curtains, bathroom items, washer and dryer, dressers, clothing, rugs. Anything and everything helps. Thank you
14-May-2018Ypsilanti, MI(19 miles)Items Wanted
I need a cheese cave or any other cheese making items you dont need
14-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for everything needed to set up a home and care for a few guinea pigs that I am planning on adopting from the shelter. Thank you!
12-May-2018Riverview, MI(17 miles)Items Wanted
looking for free top soil mulch red lava rocks, landscaping yard and soil for my daughters garden,thanks in advance!
12-May-2018Riverview, MI(17 miles)Items Wanted
looking for mulch/red lava rocks for landscaping and top soil for my daughters garden, thanks in advance!
12-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
Looking to upcycle screen door into habitats for small animal/ reptiles please. Screens in frames would be perfect
10-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, I am looking for a large or x-large dog crate with a pan and possibly a divider if it s available. If someone has one they aren t using anymore......Thanks!!!
9-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for small table, washer and gas dryer...
8-May-2018Ypsilanti, MI(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for some decent patio chairs. Can pick up at your earliest convenience.
8-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
In need of king or queen bedframe with box spring
7-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for plants, flowers, bushes, and/or rocks/stones. If you are willing to split or share, I am your guy.
7-May-2018Wayne, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a footstool. Not too big. It is for an older beagle to help him get up into his chair. The footstool needs to be sturdy, he weighs 40 pounds.I don't want it to flip over. Even if you have one that needs fixing up, I can do that. Thank you in advance.
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